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Điện trở đốt nóng dạng W

finned heating element finned heater increase heat transfer surface area,safe to operate durable customized CE,ROHS Finned air heater Designed for use in natural and forced convection space heating, our range of finned air heaters are suitable for increased heat transfer surface area and where higher wattage is required. Featuring rugged construction, these finned heaters can be used in a multitude of industrial environments. Finned tubular heaters are used for forced convection heating, air or gas heating systems. Finned tubular heaters/heating elements are customized to meet your specific application needs. • Various sizes of diameters • Steel or stainless steel tube or fins BENEFITS • Increase heat transfer surface area • Safe to operate • Durable • Built solid • Easy to maintain • Secondary insulated bushings available

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